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HOLY CHRIST WHAT A SHOW! The band was amazing the crowd was more than I could have asked for! Void 6 tore it up. Since we did not have a live opening or closing act. I can think of nobody better than Void to give a Live performance in a DJ set you were fucking great. Everything Ronan said about me and the club is returned 10 fold. He is an intelligent and compassionate man and I value his friendship. They got on a plane from San Fransisco last night and Friday are flying to Edmonton to meet up with the tour bus and SITD just so they could do this show for us. VNV and the Necto have both agreed that this is NOT a one time show but will now be a ST. PATS. yearly tradition. Next next year by contract I have to come dressed as a leprechaun. It was our only concession but it's worth it. Thanks to all you made it out. This is just March. You can expect at least 3 more CONFIRMED International either DJ sets or Live shows before the end of the summer. BTW That sexy bald guy doing their sound tonight that we dressed up like a Green Velvet pimp wearing a sash was the lead singer of Rotersand. He fell in love with the club tonight as well and if you like Rotersand. We've got a treat for you coming up. The band I just dropped is just the start! Get ready to be part of an Amazing few months.

One last note Thank you so much for coming out tonight. If it wasn't for people like you shows like this they would never happen. Yes the promoter and club books the show and sets everything up but without you paying your own hard earned money it wouldn't matter so THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE SHOW HAPPEN.

I promise you haven't seen nothing yet,
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