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:: Saturday 10.17.09 :: PROGRESSION @ City Club ::

something special in store for this saturday

You’ve recently had the chance to dance to classics at City Club on Old School Night.  There are many good tunes to be remembered from years past.  But what about new material? Where is the elektro-industrial scene headed for the future? What bands are going to be the next break out artists?

For one night Saturday, October 17, City Club DJ’s Void 6 and Saint present PROGRESSION – a night devoted to; exposing new music, previewing tracks that may very well be filling the dance floor quickly and playing current up-and-coming bands that will be the new lifeblood of the scene.

Not to worry, we realize a night of entirely all new material just wouldn’t work, so we’re ALSO going to dig through our collections of music and play the lesser known tracks from some of your favorite artists.  You’ve no doubt heard “Panzermensch” by And One, but are you familiar with their earlier hits like “Technoman” or “Deutschmaschine”?  Everyone knows Rotersand’s “Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy”… their new single “War on Error” is a STOMP fest as well. What about earlier Combichrist tracks like “Blut Royalle” and “God Bless” or some of the underplayed Project Pitchfork tracks?  Get the picture?

So think of some material and bands that get overlooked, request it and we’ll try to play it.

Looking forward to having a lot of fun this Saturday night. We hope to see you in attendance.

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